Abheeshu Prem Cranio & Rebalancing

The Art of Body Work by Abheeshu

I am a teacher for the individual. I teach only 2 persons at a time. I combine CranioSacral together with Rebalancing and breath work. I want to transmit to you my way of working and this can only be done with 2 persons at the time. One lays down and receives and one I teach. When a teacher has only 1 person to teach he has his full attention with you. And all what is necessary to learn, you can learn it the here and now. In this way I can give you an understanding of bodywork. In many years of experience, working with people, I discovered that it is very important to know many different ways  and techniques to open up the body. Not everybody is able to receive CranioSacral the first time and be satisfied. It could be somebody comes to me for CranioSacral, but he, or she actually needs rebalancing or breath work first. I am working through invitation. Where ever you are you can invite me and I come to teach or give session in you place. Make sure that you are 2 persons.


The combination of CranioSacral, Rebalancing and Breath, is a very subtle yet potent bodywork approach, which effectively combines scientific skills with sensitivity and intuition of the practitioner. It reestablishes freedom of movement in the body and mind which affects the body in its wholeness and supports its self-healing abilities.