Abheeshu Prem Cranio & Rebalancing

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I came to India in 1990, where I learnt Yoga, tai chi, and meditation techniques. Then in 1993, I started Bodywork in the Osho Ashram in Pune. I learnt Rebalancing , CranioSacral balancing, CranioSacral biodynamic, and breathwork. I assisted many years in bodywork trainings including many techniques of meditation. I have been in many therapy groups such as primal, born again, die before you die, hypnosis, inner man inner women, rebirthing, dancing techniques, shamanism, leading dynamic and kundalini meditations. I have been working ever since then, giving and teaching bodywork.


Rebalancing 1+2 (PDF)
CranioSacral Balancing Basic (PDF)
CranioSacral Balancing (PDF)
CranioSacral Biodynamics (PDF)
CranioSacral Module 1 (PDF)
CranioSacral Module 2 (PDF)
CranioSacral Module 3 (PDF)
CranioSacral Tutor Status (PDF)
Hypnosis Trance (PDF)


Please feel free to contact me under my Emailaddress: abheeshu1@nospamhotmail.com