Abheeshu Prem Cranio & Rebalancing

Structural Balance

A balanced body is characterized by the ability to expand. This balance through expansion is the result of harmonious vertical and horizontal lines through the main joints of the body. It requires the uplifting forces to be spread evenly in order to balance the gravitational forces. Contraction of the body is often caused by several factors: as a result to any experience, which has not been lived fully (something in the energy-cycle remaining incomplete) we contract. Particularly so called "negative emotions" fear, hidden sadness, held back anger, avoided pain cause contraction. If this happens repeatedly it becomes a pattern, leading to chronic contraction. Additionally we learn contraction by imitating holding patterns of our parents, and any not healed physical and emotional traumas result in compensations within the overall balance of the body. For these reasons, releasing contractions is necessary for the body to regain the ability to expand again.