Abheeshu Prem Cranio & Rebalancing

CranioSacral Balancing

The bones of the skull are connected to the spinal cord and sacrum by continuous membrane system that contains the brain and central nervous system. The cerebro-spinal fluid is distributed through these membranes from the cranium down to the sacrum. Hence the name "CranioSacral system". The rhythmic movement of this fluid creates a slow and subtle pulse which can be felt throughout the body and used both diagnostically and therapeutically during a session. By very gently moving and freeing the bones of the cranium, the membranes and connective tissue, tensions and imbalances are released. deep relaxation happens, pain patterns tend to dissolve , old injuries lose their grip; areas of stress and holding unwind and diminish. emotions change and moods lighten. the session helps to reconnect you with your inner being. and this is precisely the state in which the body can best heal itself . awareness is deepened, witnessing and meditation can happen. Bodywork, therapy and meditation are combined and body-mind-spirit addressed as a whole. combination of CranioSacral and Rebalancing is also known to be effective with specific problems and dysfunctions. Headaches, migraines, back pain, scoliosis, concussions, learning disabilities, birth trauma, emotional traumas, depressions, eye problems, TMJ dysfunctions, stress, and other dysfunctions involving the central nervous system.