Abheeshu Prem Cranio & Rebalancing

Awareness Through Touch

By touching someone with our hands- even lightly- amazing things can happen, just by being totally present in our touch: a deep sensation of energy, a subtle communication, as if the most deep layers of our being are being touched and moved, along with a feeling of coming closer to oneself, accepting oneself more deeply. This way of touching can have a great impact on us, but it can't be explained scientifically.

What is the effect of changes in the body?

Deep connective tissue massage is usually done with applying a certain wait of the practitioner on the person body, which seems to be the cause for change. Actually it is the awareness of the person, being touched as a main trigger for change. Change simply happens when we suddenly become aware again of some part of the body that seemed forgotten. creates space in the joints, deep structural massage-strokes, initiate changes in the body's and connective tissues. With the experience of awareness creating the most change we hold the key to overcome our life energy.